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Who We Are

bluSpiral is a privately-held company that majors in the development of high-quality enterprise, standalone, mobile solutions as well as consultancy services.

The united team of eminently qualified developers, designers, analysts is always pleased to create new line of solutions for commercial, academic and government clients worldwide.

We do our best to design and develop solutions that truly removes complexity, improve productivity, compress time frames, and increase organisational performance and availability. We are glad to realize that our solutions take usual chores upon themselves, so that our clients could have more time left for their creative work.

The company was founded in 2009 and incorporated by the Company Allied Acts of Nigeria in 2011 under the name Bluspiral Solutions Limited doing business as bluSpiral.

The company was founded to be an essential partner for every business that is trying to harness the explosive growth in their area of specialisation through the use of information technology.

bluSpiral prides in her staff strength which includes divers members of cultural backgrounds and orientation all having a common goal and vision which has always being about concentrating their efforts, energy on cutting-edge IT solution development.

The slogan of our company is Freedom to Live. It is aimed to denote that we set to create easy-to-use products meant for those who appreciate comfort, friendly program user interface and support giving them more time for their respective dealings.

Our History